The “Progetto di Comunità”(Community Project) is imagined to activate some inclusive processes, public choices made through the involvement of ordinary citizens, associations and private entities by undertaking a dialogue, an openness and a debate with the locals.
The purpose is to start a participatory process originating from the ground up in which residents are the protagonists: a bottom-up path type, in contrast with the top-down obsolete models that have failed too many times.
It is important that everyone becomes more liable and aware of public affairs, showing desire for active participation and citizenship, contributing to the decisions taken by local administration for the entire community.
For this reason, a transversal effort is essential so to mobilize all the resources that live and
operate in our city.
The goal is to create and make more and more collaborative our social context, taking care of the existing or developing connections, and also trying to handle any conflict, which risks of damaging the sense of community, that has to be preserved and valued as a precious pearl.
Thanks to this project we will try to create relationships, participation and sharing, because only through everyone’s active contribution we can conceive a feasible future for our territory.


Inside the “PROGETTO DI COMUNITA’'” various activities suitable for every age are organized.
The areas of action are various and can be enriched also by collaborations from other institutions.
The most relevant are the following:


nineteenth century’s literature and philosophy courses, speeches with young
writers who present their books (literature festival “talenti di penna”) poetry events, written and performed, where peace and solidarity are the central themes, and even more…


training meetings on how to live better in the medical-scientific field,
for example on the abuse of substances. Follow-up meetings on the rights of adolescents and
children and on violence against women, on the Constitution and more are organized.


local herbs picking, with experts, guided tours to memorial sites like
platform 21 in Milan and the Fossoli field, in remembrance of the Jew extermination and to commit for peace and more.


A meeting on separate waste collection, a cultural and environmental twinning, with
exchange of books with the aim of recycling plastic and others…


Aperitifs, tea breaks and cultural themed dinners; participation in municipal initiatives with local associations, such as “Family Weekend”, “OktoberFest” and many more…

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